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Welcome to Caro Lucchetta’s ONLINE ATELIER, created to connect directly the artist with her fans, buyers and collectors from all over the world.

The mission of this site is to spread its art, not only for the specialized segment but also for all audiences.

Caro Lucchetta also provides artistic services for different types of clients, projects and companies that require art for their decor.

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Our direct lines

Americas (+54) 911 5846 5493 / Worldwide (+39) 379 221 5282


Caro Lucchetta is an Italian-Argentinean artist and architect born in 1976 in La Paz, Province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. She spent her childhood and adolescence in Buenos Aires, graduating from the prestigious Ward College in 1993 and from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism – University of Buenos Aires in 2000. In 2001 she founded the firm Lucchetta + Partners, with offices in Buenos Aires and Italy.

Since 2015, and in parallel with her architectural developments, she has devoted herself to deepening her artistic talent in painting and design, producing works that convey her particular style along with her unique energy.

Her holistic art is based on the search towards the interior of the being and its energies, vividly capturing the aural interconnections, the different dimensions beyond the physical plane and human sensitivity in the universe.

This section recreates her Studio-Atelier as an integrated part of the LUCCHETTA + Partners services.

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"Making art is a gift exercised by sentient and soul beings. It is a duty to share it with the rest of Humanity. Living “in art” is not impossible, it is only necessary to foster that subtle connection between people who understand the expression of the soul and the heart a the true connection. Allowing yourself to feel and express yourself are indispensable practices, both for the creatives and for those who enjoy their art and allow themselves to be moved.


Blessed are all those who express their sensitivity, in whatever way! Let art be food and exudate of our souls and have no doubt that our lives will be rewarded and more nutritious."


Caro Lucchetta

Artist & Architect

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Leanne Kowbuz


Toronto, Canada

“The composition is incredible. Everything in her works is unique. You can see what you want or interpret, depending you emotional state. I love the choice of colors and find myself immersed in the movement of their strokes”.

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M. Fernanda Caudarella

Manager at ALUOEST S.A.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The artist sees what sustains existence by reflecting chaos, disorder and at the same time infinite possibilities. With colors she brings, before the scenes of the theater that is existence, a free vision of fear and ties. Her works are a joy!”

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Victoria Zillo

Holistic Coach

Miami, USA

“Her creations make me immerse myself beyond the colors and the similar shapes, I can perceive a story through what is embodied in the canvas. Caro is a being full of talent and sensitivity, and vibrant, like the colors she uses: a perfect combination that makes her “unique” as an artist.”

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Projects for private clients

If you want an exclusive work of art for your house or company, or an artistic design for your product or private space, do not hesitate to contact Caro Lucchetta. She can assist you with all the team services from LUCCHETTA + Partners.

For quotation requests or site visits please fill out the form in CONTACT.

Special developments for Hotels, Corporate and Gastronomic Projects

Caro Lucchetta develops artistic works for hotels, corporate and gastronomic projects, contributing with her creativity and talent in public spaces, rooms, offices, hotel rooms and all kinds of spaces that require a setting that increases the vibration of the person who inhabits them.


Caro Lucchetta, one of the main referents of holistic art, invites us to immerse ourselves in her holistic world full of colors, curves, subtle lines and fantastic universes. Her sensitivity, originality and her vision of the “unseen”, captivates and excites. In her new series UMANA – “Cattura l’energia Asolana” she shares with us her experience of inhabiting and feeling Asolo, reinterpreting places and characters that make this city such a special and unique place in the world.

Via Browning, 167 – 31011 Asolo Orari: Wednesdays through Sundays 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:00

Cultural Sponsors

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From our E-SHOP you can buy some of our exclusive products and also join the ONLINE and PRESENTIAL courses that will be coming soon in 2023.-



by Caro Lucchetta


Holistic art workshop in Asolo (presential)

Duration 4 hours

Price: Euro $120.-

Limited places

Sign up if you are interested in participating. We will be sending you the agenda of upcoming dates.

Thanks, We will get back at you shortly

"Umana", is the exhibition created by Caro Lucchetta on view at the famous Alvear Icon Hotel in Puerto Madero, which opened the way for the international exhibitions that followed. With great impact, Caro showed her works to an international public and since then she has been one of the international icons in Holistic Art.

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The ERCA Project was born in 2018 as an initiative of a group of friends and alumni of Colegio Ward, who decided to collaborate with the Ramón Antonio Sierralta border school, located in the town of Las Papas, Province of Catamarca, Argentina, at 3700 meters above sea level in the Cordillera de los Andes; raising funds to buy school and art supplies through the annual FIAMBALA DESERT - Adventure Race.

In 2019 we have repeated the initiative and since then our commitment to this cause and new ones is expanding.


[ Our Mision ]

Generate genuine resources to help schools located in rural areas and border regions to make art, in all its forms, the best expression field that enables the expansion of creativity in children and turns as a indispensable tool for the expression of their souls.

To reach schools or institutions that need art supplies with our donations, so that we can help art be an accessible practice for children, especially for those in
greater need.


[ Our Vision ]

Art, as one of the most genuine and humane forms of expression, is the indispensable fuel for human development and the happiness of people. Childhood, as the most constructive stage of a person's life, requires tools that allow the development of all its potential. It is the responsibility of every adult to contribute, in whatever way, to make this possible.


[ Solidarity projects completed between 2018 and 2022 ]

- 2018: School No. 38 Ramón Antonio Sierralta / Las Papas – Catamarca Province

- 2019: School No. 38 Ramón Antonio Sierralta / Las Papas – Catamarca Province

- 2020: School No. 38 Ramón Antonio Sierralta / Las Papas – Catamarca Province

- 2021-2022: School No. 35 / Tatón – Catamarca Province


Companies and Institutions that participate with us in this adventure of helping 

Salvaje Eventos  / Escribanía Milani / Aluoest Aluminios / LUCCHETTA + Partners Architects
Librería IMAS S.RL. / Secretaría de Turismo de Catamarca / Exalumnos del Colegio Ward / Gilda Milani


Federico Lausi

Director and Founder of Salvaje Eventos

Caro Lucchetta

Artist and CEO of SLg+a Architects Studio

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