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Lucchetta Galleria is our contemporary art brand focused on artistic solutions for the residential, corporate and high-end hotel segments. We work with international artists in different segments of art, focusing on personalized services for private clients and corporate companies. We also develop presential and virtual exhibitions with innovative themes from our base in Asolo, Italy and with the participation of artists from our Partner Galleries.

We approach each new project and client with joy, professionalism, commitment, and with the strength of "Knowing how to create spaces with art, passion, and beauty."


Our direct lines

Americas (+54) 911 5846 5493 / Worldwide (+39) 379 221 5282

art agenda

UMANA / Second edition

Virtual Exhibition in Asolo, Italy
From 10/08 to 20/08/2023 / Deadline call: 01/08/2023


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Presential Exhibition of Caro Lucchetta
Asolo, Villa Freya

From 24/09 to 28/09/2023 


Historical evolution in the manufacture of wine

Virtual Exhibition in Asolo, Italy
From 10/11 to 20/11/2023 / Deadline call: 01/11/2023


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concurso boton.gif

Special projects

galleria partners

Partners Galleries & Art Dealers / How to be part of our international network?

At Lucchetta + Partners we believe that the best way to work is always as a team. Given our specialization in Art for architecture and Interior Design, we have clients who request artistic productions of different styles and characteristics. Working reciprocally with with Partner Galleries creating an international work netword, enhances our capabilities and expands our ability to find the perfect art or artist that our projects need. If you are the owner of an art gallery or work as an Art Fealer and are intterested in our proposal, write to: or leave us your contact information in the following form. 

Artist / How to be part of our brand and artist portfolio?

Our gallery searches and proposes artistic pieces that fit perfectly with the requirements and expectations of our clients.

Every new month we open the call for new talents with the aim of providing our clients and projects with the most appropriate option.

We are an open gallery that also works with a network of international Partner Galleries, thus promoting the search for new works and artists.

If you want to apply to be part of our Artists Portfolio, we ask you to complete this form with your personal info and attach your portfolio of works (no more than 10 Megabytes). Our  curators team will evaluate your application and contact you in case you are selected.



Indicate the type of art that best represent your style (only for artists)

Add your PORTFOLIO y PDF format (maximum 10MB) or send it to

Upload file

Thanks for your message, we will get back at you shortly.

On Sale

ON SALE: To request our ART CATALOG with our private art works collection, please complete with your personal information and it will be sent to you by e-mail. Thanks!


Thanks, we will get back at you shortly

Art consultancy
Contract and Project mngmnt
Branding Solutions

Corporate and Hospitality projects

In the last 10 years, Lucchetta + Partners has diversified and specialized in corporate Interior Design and Hospitality projects, with the additional contribution of artistic interventions developed especially for each client and project. Understanding the functional, aesthetic, budgetary and brand needs of our clients, we develop coherent, creative and high-value proposals, with quality and beauty spaces that improve user experiences and productivity.

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Luxury Interior Design

With strong expertise in high-luxury residential projects, and with more than 94,000 m2 intervened, Lucchetta + Partners is one of the leading firm studios in luxury Residential Interior Design that introduces Art as a fundamental part of its proposals.

Satisfying the demanding needs of private clients and international companies, it boosts their projects with vanguard design, equipment and materials, ensuring the total satisfaction of its clients, and within the desired deadlines.

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Special Projects and Partners

Our firm develops special projects for research, evaluation and creation of new products for the construction and coatings market for private clients.

Working with Partners that trust in our qualities and experience, we provide in each project the added value of sustainable materials and processes that contribute to the protection of the environment and of the next generations.

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Yacht Projects

We develop nautical interior design projects for private yachts and boats, based on the requirements and demands of each client, working with suppliers and installers in the country where the vessel is located.

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Art Consultancy and Private Gallery

Lucchetta + Partners provides art and consulting services for projects of various scales and uses, with different budgets and communication objectives. With proposals that achieve the improvement of work spaces and productivity, it offers through its own Art Gallery an exclusive and varied curatorship, according to the needs of its clients and projects.

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Contract and Project Management

With more than 20 years of experience in Contract and Project Management applied to Interior Design, Lucchetta + Partners develops comprehensive projects, from the Concept Design to the manufacture, purchase, collection, transfer, import, installation and supervision of all Interior Design elements that a project requires. With presence and capacity for international works, we ensure the highest standards of quality and services.

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Branding solutions

In Corporate projects, we incorporate the brand manuals into our Interior Design proposals, working directly with the Marketing teams of our clients. We provide solutions with high commercial impact, respecting the corporate image and valuing the virtues and qualities of the brand and company.

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Architects and Developers

We provide ideas, proposals, and quality aesthetic and functional solutions to architectural projects developed by Architecture studios and Developers, working as a team with each Project Manager providing added value, greater potential for profitability, better uses and total satisfaction for each client.

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Special projcts and partners
Achitects and developers

Some of the brands that choose us and we choose to work with

A. Villanueva Properties



Alpha Tower Montevideo

Alvear Tower Residences

Armani Casa


Berlas Group

Cabrera SA

Chacabuco Homes


DR Investments

Ing. Pellegrinet

Intesa San Paolo Bank

Konke Hotel & Spa


Naper Hotel

Mulieris Tower


Renoir Tower Puerto Madero


Urban Green Tower

Villa Justina Condos

Vittoria Frigerio

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